What I Miss.


PC: M.McNelly

Gabriela McNelly (Writer of the article) with senior sign.

Gabriela McNelly , Sports Editor

Being in high school had its stressful times but overall being able to go to a place that made me laugh was something I miss most. When I made the commitment to the game of golf I had to choose to set aside a lot of things. I traveled so much and practiced everyday because I had goals in life. High School was a place where I was able to escape from golf and laugh with friends. Being able to go to class and be with people who made me happy. It was a place I did not have so many responsibilities. Now that my senior year has sped up I am now not so much thinking about graduation; I am thinking about college.

The last week of school is something I will miss the most. It was the time seniors go to walk at the elementary schools and we got time to be with our class one last time. I knew once high school was over I will not see my classmates I have grown up with from first all the way to now. Being the last time I am writing for the paper I am so happy to have been part of this newspaper staff and will miss everyone in it very much.