More to school lunch than just the food

What I will miss about lunch


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Kylee Hall, Staff Writer

When you ask me what I miss, it is everyone and everything. I miss hiding my phone after sending a text to my mom asking to check me out, I miss joking around with my teachers, but I do not miss calculus (Sorry Mr. Brown… you see the grades though). I feel like when people talk about missing things about school, you’ll hear stories about jokes rooting from lunch tables, drama in the lunch line, maybe even the pizza (the sausage one was good) but you hardly ever hear about the fabulous lunch ladies. So, if I have to pick what I miss about high school, it is Mrs. Yolanda Lascano.  

Everyday I would get my lunch, most of the time in the line that she was at the register for, and we would talk for the 3 seconds that the person behind me allowed. I would eat my sausage pizza (Try them!!)  and then I would return to talk to Mrs. L. In all honesty, I don’t really know how I got into this routine, I just know that I did, and it was one of my favorite parts of the day. She did not have to be nice to me, or carry on those conversations. Oftentimes they hand you your food with what seems like no second thought. 

She did not care about my grade in English or about my debate tournaments, she asked me about me, which I feel like often gets overlooked in a normal school day. She was always kind, and sometimes she would give me an extra pack of those presidential cookies that were really so amazing. She is really so amazing… but really the school should make those presidential cookies permanent because they were so good and I miss those a lot too.