What Could have Been

What I so Devastatingly Miss

What Could have Been

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

With sudden yet expected news of complete school closure, many find themselves looking back at this year rather than forward. We reminisce on the great moments, think of the people and events that delicately fashioned the quick months into what they were–a tragically fleeting experience.

As only a sophomore, I cannot say that this was an end to an era. It was, however, a harsh halt to what was so routinely cherished:


The Castroville views I saw every morning and afternoon through the school bus window

The acquaintances I greeted in the halls each day

The teams and families!! Newspaper, Speech & Debate, UIL, StuCo, and my third period English class.

My amazing teachers

The jokes, the laughter, the companionship, and support


Everything listed above and so much more contributed to an unforgettable sophomore year. With every memory that mercilessly hits me at the most random of times, I both smile for the moments I had and tear up for the moments that could have been. 

We only had three months left, but those months had endless potential. From competitions and projects to ceremonies and exams, so much of what I cherished earlier this year could have blossomed into something more:


Castroville views could have embraced spring right before my eyes 

Acquaintances could have easily become friendships

My beautiful teams and families could have come closer together with each competition and success

I could have learned much more from my teachers face-to-face

There could have been more jokes, more laughter, more companionship, more support, more moments. More. 


For me, the sophomore experience is over. And, just like that, I am half-way done with high school. Just like that, I am a junior.

And, just like that, this article is over. This is because, as we have learned, things sometimes end suddenly. But, everything will be alright. Because, there will be more articles just as there will be more in life.