I Miss You

My School Routine is Now Ruled Out


My drive to school everyday PC: Marina Garcia

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

As the weeks start to go by, and the school year comes to an interrupted end, we begin to think of our high school years. For some, it could have been their first, second, third, or last year of high school that ended like this. Regardless of the grade level, we are all thinking of this school year.

For me, I miss driving to the school, waking up to the sun rising and listening to my music in the car way too loud. I miss having dance first period and being able to come to school in basically pajamas. I miss having a whole period to dance. I miss walking to class with my friends. I miss my friends asking me how to do the chemistry work. I also miss listening to 80’s rock in Mrs. Hecker’s class and everyone getting into a fight to play country instead. I miss shaking Mrs. White’s hand everyday, and hanging out with my friends in the hallways. I miss the contact of other people; I miss the hugs from my friends and the laughs that we shared. 

But, being in quarantine, I also get to reflect on the things that I won’t miss. For instance I won’t miss the crowded hallways or the long lines at lunch. I won’t miss the kids that talk in every class. And I won’t miss getting home super late because I had after school practice. 

However, overall, I would do it all over again. School was not just a learning environment, it was a social environment. A time to make memories, learn, and socialize.