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Newest TV is Now the Most Binged

My Sanity Saver

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

Over the past few weeks in quarantine, we all have been losing it a little bit. At this time many people turn to DIY crafts, taking up new challenges, learning recipes, or in my case, binge watching a show. 

One of the newest binge watching TV shows is All American. All American made its first appearance in 2018 and fans just now got a season two this year. Many viewers eagerly watched to stay in tune with this young player’s life. 

All American is based on a true story of Spencer Paysinger and his personal and  football life. The show is set in California, South Crenshaw and Beverly Hills to be exact. Spencer gets asked to play for the Beverly Hills Eagles High School football team. With this offer, he has to decide to stay in Crenshaw or move to Beverly with the hopes to make it as a professional. Throughout the show, Spencer’s life is filled with challenges and achievements. 

All American is the perfect show to watch. It is light hearted, filled with action,  romance, and football players. The show is a great way to distract you for a while and it will leave you on the edge of your seat.  Although there is not yet a third season out, producers from the CW have confirmed that the show will be renewed for a third season.