The nerd we all wish we could be

How watching Jack Ryan saved my sanity.


Dominick Peralta, Staff Writer

With it only being our third week into quarantine, I have found myself spiraling down a long path of sheer boredom and insanity. But I have found what I  call the light at the end of my tunnel: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Tom Clancy is a well known novelist and the mastermind behind his famous book series Jack Ryan. Amazon’s take on this character brings Jack Ryan in to a new light in this two season political thriller. With many talented and well experienced actors such as John Krasinski (Jack Ryan)  and Wendell Pierce who is well known for his leading role in HBOs hit show The Wire.

The show follows Jack Ryan, A CIA analyst thrust into The Middle East to thwart the plans of an up and coming terrorist organization. It leaves the viewers not only with the excitement of the fast paced action, but a deeper knowledge on why international conflicts occur and why we become involved. This mini serres by Amazon has received positive reviews from many of its viewers, with IMBD rating it 8.1 stars out of 10. With extreme detail and careful consideration of the script and the background, the viewers find it is easy to get fully immersed in the politics and action that is displayed. 

This is not a show for everyone though; a lot of the elements that attract others can leave many viewers either bored or lost. Jack Ryan goes into great depth about  the politics and the science behind each episode that could easily bore the viewers. So much so that it takes quite a while for the show to actually build up to any action 

That being said when there is action it is over the top and hyper realistic leaving you incredibly satisfied in the end. I would highly recommend this show to anyone who itches to learn more about how we tackle foreign affairs and those who just love action and story building.