Creating My Sanity

How art keeps the mind sane

Creating My Sanity

PC: madison

Madison Rosati, Staff Writer

Everyone has their hobbies, you know the things that keep you sane? For some, it may be reading, for others it may be listening to music. For me it just so happens to be painting. 

In times of stress and weakness, I find painting things around me helps clear the mind and soothe the body. The art of painting allows individuals to express not only their emotions but their ideas as well. Experiencing the art of painting allows an individual to practice with various colors,shapes, techniques, and textures.

 As a person of natural born creativity, I find painting to be an excellent way to help individuals get rid of a stressful mind and tense body. There’s no single way to paint, painting comes in all different forms including watercolor, oil, and acrylic.

 Painting can be practiced with other mediums as well, the idea behind painting is to give individuals the chance to express not only their ideas but the thoughts inside their head. For Example,  I’m able to express my bold thoughts through bright colors and bold outlines. 

On days my mind is really scrambled,  as I have found some excellent techniques to clear the mind. These include splattering paint on a canvas, drawing random shapes and doodling within them, and listening to music and painting what you hear.

Many people believe that you have to be good at art in order to paint, but the real truth is you don’t even have to know what you’re doing in order to do it. Sometimes, just physically throwing paint on a canvas is all it takes to relieve that stress.