My Picture Perfect Quarantine

What saved my sanity


Posing at the Base Exchange

Kylee Hall, Staff Writer

Quarantine : a state, period, or place of isolation. The reason I have rewatched Tangled enough times that I could recite the movie without help, the reason my hair is now an unnatural color, and even more so the reason why I started a photo diary of my family’s trip through this pandemic. Everyone has a thing, some people watch hours upon hours of Netflix, others complete their homework all at once, some eat for fun, and I make my family take pictures with me. 

Every day at least twice I gather either or both of my parents to take a “quarantine update” picture. It stems from a conversation my dad had with me weeks ago. 

“ You are living through history and you need to be writing it down, documenting it in some way so that way you can tell your kid how you lived through it,” my dad said.

So I took  my own route, I love taking goofy pictures, and with the opportunity to take silly pictures while also documenting what was happening in our world I decided for it to become a daily occurence. 

My parents, by the second day, had already gotten used to it. My mom even says “ Kylee let’s take a quarantine picture.”

These pictures are not just for a quick moment on social media, I am creating a “quarantine book” with all of our pictures because in 50 years everyone will remember this pandemic, but it is the small moments that I would rather capture. 

Believe me when I say I love writing and I think it is key for us to remember our history and the individuals involved, but the pictures that my family and I have been taking are far more descriptive about our reality than words can be.

Often the pictures are of my parents and I wearing masks out in public, which has scarily become a reality that I never thought I would have to live. They are us cooking dinner, us buying plants for my dad’s garden, and simply us just smiling. 

 Our reality has completely shifted, and some days it is hard for me in particular to deal with the changes, because I am a senior missing my senior year but these pictures make up for those missed moments. I have a lifetime with my best friends, but these pictures, which may seem small to some, have brought me closer to my parents. My ability to not only tell my story but show it in the years to come is exactly what saved my sanity.

My Dad and I making Dinner