What Saved My Sanity

This Simple Trick Saved My Sanity! (NOT CLICKBAIT!)

What Saved My Sanity

Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

In this time of uncertainty, people all over the nation, as well as the world, are under quarantine. In quarantine, it is easy to lose one’s grip on sanity. Thanks to the book series The Inheritance Cycle, I have kept a firm grasp on my sanity. Even though I am only on book three of four, I am truly enveloped into this series. I have found myself laughing, crying, and even shouting in anger. 

“I found the books by complete and random chance. I saw the cover and thought it was going to take a generic, antagonized approach to dragons being low intelligence creatures, but boy how the series has taken me on a ride. I’d rather not have picked up any other book,”  junior Austen Araiza said.

This book series is truly a wonder to behold. The author, Christopher Paolini, started the series at a mere age of 15!  In 2001, Paolini self published the first book, Eragon. It was not until August 26, 2003 that the book was finally published through Alfred A. Knopf. Eragon spawned a movie of the same title in 2006. Sadly, the movie was a flop due to the massive amount of content in the book. They were not able to accurately follow the storyline, and had to cut out a lot of material. For a $100 million budget, they only earned $50 million.

“I’m inspired, while I might not be a writer myself, I see the talent of my peers and just knowing that commercial and critical success can be achieved for writers so young is empowering,” Araiza said.

The series consists of four books. Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance. The story follows a young boy named Eragon and his dragon Saphira. You get to go with him on his venture for revenge, and slowly see his drive shift focus from a personal vendetta to protecting those weaker than himself. You get to witness his growth from a mere boy, to a man worthy of his title as a dragon rider. You also get to see his vast interactions with other relatable characters along the way. From his mentor Brom, to his friends Orik and Murtagh, to his love interest Arya. There is always a character you find yourself relating to more and more.

“Brom is my favorite character, on the condition that we get future stories on his adventures. If not then certainly Saphira. We get to see her full progression as a character, from a child to adult, and while I disagree with how Paolini handled the consequences of her instincts at the tail end of book four, I love the  dramatic shine of her character,” Ariza said.

  All in all, this series is a work of art. It easily captivates the readers in search for a thrilling fantasy adventure. It uses some higher level words, and has its own made up languages that can be hard to follow. However, Paolini provides a pronunciation guide, and translations for the languages. I give this series a 4.6 out of 5 paws. I definitely recommend this series for anyone seeking a good fantasy series that will take more than a few hours to finish the books.