Our New Way of Life

Changes that Impacted our Life

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

Our world is changing around us daily. None of us have ever experienced anything like this.  It does not seem like a lot is happening around us, but that is because it is not as bad here in the United States than it is in other countries. 

There are thousands of people dying from COVID-19. So many families are losing moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and so on. We can see how much this pandemic is changing our everyday life. For instance, we cannot even go back to school.  I understand why, our main priority is to keep us safe and not get sick. But having an everyday routine taken away makes this more surreal. 

 One way the COVID-19 has changed my homelife would be that all of us are at home all day everyday. Everyone but my dad who still goes to work, which is interesting. All of us are stressed over homework and deadlines. 

 Luckily no one in my family or that I know of had been infected with COVID-19 and I am very blessed. But of course there is a possibility cases are coming up everywhere and we need to be extra cautious.