My Junior Year

A Year of Change

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

Every year of high school was filled with memories that will last a lifetime. We meet new people here, find our interests, learn about ourselves, and become a better person than we strive to be. As the school year comes to a close we all start to think of this year. Was it a good year or was it a bad year? Our highs and lows of this year.

Junior year would have to be by far the best year for me. It taught me alot, and not only in academics. I really found out what kind of person I am and my hopes and dreams for my upcoming senior year. 

  This year one of my highs would have to be being on the dance team. Being on the team was so new to me. I have never been on a team before and it was scary at first not knowing anyone on the team. But as the months went on me and many of the girls became really good friends. Not only has the dance team given me friendships but also it has made me more confident. Before, if you asked me to perform in front of the whole school I probably would have cried. But by being on the team I had to. By doing this I got more confident and grew out of my fear  and now I actually really enjoy dancing in front of crowds and don’t get scared anymore. 

Another one would be being on the newspaper staff. I applied for a newspaper last year, I was really interested in it. My sister also did it and she seemed to really enjoy it, and it is actually really fun. The rest of the staff are really cool people. It is  also exciting to be writing for a paper even if it’s just for school. It’s a great opportunity, I have been interested in journalism for my career plan. 

Lastly, the greatest part of the year would be the friendships I have made. You don’t really think about all the new friends you make. But after thinking about it, I have realized that I have made a lot of new friends this year. For instance the dance team, the newspaper staff and in all my other classes I have made at least two to four new friends or at least acquaintances. 

But of course like every year there are also low points. But this year there is not anything that I can think of. There has been nothing that has ruined my year. Some things haven’t gone my way but nothing has affected my year just my day.  

This year has been filled with the goodness of life. I encourage everyone to take a step back and review this year. What was it like for you?