The New World We Live In

My thoughts on the world’s current circumstances


Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

These past few weeks have been chaos for everyone. While some people are calm and just enjoying the nationwide quarantine, others are freaking out because they believe it is the end of the world. I was in the grocery store the other day for the first time since COVID-19 reached the USA, and I was baffled by the things that were out entirely. Things like hand sanitizer and other cleaning materials were expected, but it was everything else missing that confused me. Things such as toilet paper, mushrooms, pasta noodles, onion powder, and more. I understand that people have to eat, but I feel like clearing the shelves like this is way over the top. 

“I was very surprised at the shortage of baking flour. Even during the holidays, flour is always available. I guess everyone has decided to become bakers,” said my mom, Kris Knoll.

At first when the quarantine started, I was excited. No school, I would get all day to myself, I could hang with friends, and just goof off all day. Those dreams were quickly shattered when the towns around me were quickly shut down except for essentials. Then schools announced online schooling, which I did not mind since I would be able to take as much time on assignments as needed.

“I know I don’t go out much, but I’m feeling displaced. The gloomy weather doesn’t help either. I used to at least have the option to go out, but now I don’t,” said Knoll.

It is week two of lockdown and I must admit, cabin fever is beginning to set in. When the virus hit the states, I was in Michigan and there was not much fear yet. Places were still open and there was still plenty to do. My first real encounter with the effects of the virus being on my doorstep was during a comedy show. 

I was watching Gabriel Iglesias in Kalamazoo, and he announced that it was his last show due to the virus. It was then I truly realized how badly this virus was scaring people. 

Now the more I am stuck at home, the less there is to do to entertain myself. I am just waiting for the family fights to start. I am lucky enough to have a great relationship with my mother, but it is just a matter of time until we get sick of each other. However, school and work are keeping us busy and out of each other’s way.

“I do like that I no longer have to wake up super early to go to work, and that I get a little more sleep. However, now that my work is at home, it’s become really hard to break away from work. I also miss my work chair. These chairs aren’t meant to be sat in for long periods of time, and my back is killing me,” said Knoll.

From the looks of how this virus stuff is going, things are just getting started. All we can do is wash our hands, socially distance ourselves, and remember proper sneezing and coughing etiquette. Pay attention to the news and to the CDC bulletins as well. The proper officials are working on ways to resolve the issues brought on by the virus, as well as the virus itself. If you think that you are getting sick, please go to your doctor’s office or an urgent care as soon as possible. For your health and the health of others, try not to gather in more than groups of ten. Then above all, quit taking all the toilet paper, and leave some for other people.