ACT Boot Camp

A brief recap of the ACT Boot Camp


Mr. Brown teaching his group

Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

Before spring break, our school hosted it’s very first ACT Boot Camp for the students signed up to take the test. The three teachers that volunteered their time to help these students were Brandy White, Alexandra Murphy, and Travis Brown. Mrs. White is an English teacher, Mrs. Murphy is a Science teacher, and Mr. Brown is a Math teacher. 

“With my group we briefly went over what to look for on the English section and then worked through a strategy for the Reading section since students have more problems on it. They left with the strategy and some practices they could do,” said Brandy White.

Each teacher taught lessons and strategies for their various subjects. They informed the students on the content of the test as well. In this practice session, the students were able to gain the help they needed to excel on the college entrance exam. 

“Absolutely. It was probably more helpful for the juniors and seniors who were taking it within the  next few months; for the sophomores, most of them when I asked had never even looked at a test to see what was on it, so this was a good pre-look at what is upcoming for them,” said White.

All in all, this test preparation strategy was good for the students, and that is what matters in the end. For the school’s first time doing an ACT Boot Camp, it worked out pretty well. Now all that is left for the students is to take the test.