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PC: Kristina Shipp

The JV Lady Panthers pep talk before they take the field

Kylee Hall, Staff Writer

The Varsity and JV softball teams were able to get some last minute runs in before our extended spring break occurred. On Monday March Second the Lady Panthers traveled to Southwest High to continue district play. The Junior Varsity girls brought their best game, ruling the Titans in just three innings.  Junior Trista Miller pitched a fine game, allowing two hits and one run while striking out nine and walking one. Although the Varsity girls fought their hardest they came up short losing the game by just one run. 

The panthers kept that fight up over spring break, JV took a dissapointing loss in their first game against Harlan by just one run. The girls picked up their district record and won against Eagle Pass. 

Varsity dug deep and found a winning record throughout the next two games over spring break. The Panthers took a stunning 13-0 win against Harlan and a still impressive 6-0 win over Eagle Pass. The Varsity Girls now have a record of 3-2 in district and can not wait to get back to work when school starts again.