More than just Math

Mr. Brown and his impact.


PC: Kylee

Math teacher Mr. Brown posing for his picture

Kylee Hall , Staff Writer

Whether it be cooking it up in the kitchen or in the classroom, math teacher Mr. Travis Brown has it all covered. Prior to becoming a teacher, Brown thought about culinary school. Luckily for us, he went with teaching. 


Brown has been at MV for seven years and  teaches classes ranging from pre-calculus all the way up to AP Calculus. He understands the difficulty of the courses and does not choose to approach his teaching philosophy from a success rate, rather a learning point. 


“Pursuit of moral excellence is how I would describe my teaching philosophy, I want to help those who need it so they can be better than what they were when they walked into my classroom,” Brown said. 


Not only does Brown find others being better a motivation behind his teaching but also his own. Mr Brown not only takes on teaching advanced classes but is currently in the works of earning his doctoral. His aspiration to keep doing better is what keeps him going when stress seems to be taking over. 


Speaking of stress, he understands that as 15, 16, and 17-year-olds, mathematical equations make just as much sense as our dating lives ( so barely any ). Mr. Brown gives constant opportunities for students to raise their grades through before and after school tutoring, making up tests and quizzes, and extra credit. 


“Nobody’s perfect,” Brown said


He sees the work that students put in and finds that the extra help along the way doesn’t hurt.


“ I remember when I would fail and I wanted to correct my tests,” Brown said.


Brown’s understanding that failure is inevitable is one of the many characteristics that makes him such an impactful teacher. 


“ He is very honest and understanding,” senior Nickolye Essary said.


“ I don’t care about the grades, I care about the students” Brown said. 


Brown’s enthusiasm for students understanding goes far deeper than an A in the gradebook. 

“ Seeing a kid understand it when they have not gotten it, that is what makes it worth it” Brown said.


When you are a student like I am, math sometimes feels like you are doomed to fail. Mr. Brown makes that feeling feel a little less impending. The amount of times I have sat in Mr. Brown’s class before and after school, asking questions, couldn’t be counted on two hands. Mr. Brown has made an impact on the student that I have become because although I may not understand anything at points, Mr. Brown sits down and explains it time and time again until it’s understood, and the pride he feels when something is finally comprehended makes me feel like maybe just maybe math is not as confusing as it seems.