Dear Juniors

Seniors give juniors advice on their last year of high school


PC: Katie Burris

The class of 2021 shows their school spirit

Kylee Hall, Staff Writer

“If I could relive any moment from highschool it would be walking out onto the football field for the first time and seeing the stands packed,” Senior Aaron Ledesma said. 


Seniors across the board agree that although senior year may be challenging, it is one to enjoy. 


“Have fun while it lasts because it goes by fast” Senior Trystan Benke said.


Senior year is when everything becomes real. You no longer have the buffer of “there’s always next year.”  These are the last years before adulthood takes control of the wheel, so enjoy the small moments. Go to every football game, do that extracurricular activity that you are not to sure about, go out with your friends, but above all, live every moment to the fullest. 


Senior Wesley Pardo said that if he could tell himself one thing in August of 2019, he would have said “ Do not regret anything you do.”


Senior year is a time to live, but it is not a time to slack off. School gets intense at points, there may be failure, and it may feel impossible, but those graduation caps are closer than we can imagine. 


“ Always be on time, and keep up with your work,” Senior Ja’lynn Jenkins said.


Seniors do not deny the senoritis around this time of year but the class knows just how vital ending the year on a good note is.  


“ These last couple of months are flying by,” Pardo said. 


Beyond ending the school year on a good note, taking opportunities is also essential. The school offers students opportunities to not only maximize on our performance in these hallways but in the college aspects as well. 


“ Take dual credit courses, especially if you are going to college,” Jenkins said. 


Senior year gets complicated at times, there will be days when you do not want to do anything. But in the end, when it is all said and done, it will be more than worth every ounce of work. 


“ I could not wait for senior year, and now I want it to start over,” Ledesma said.