The Grammy’s: Who Attended and What They Wore

Celebrities show off their lucious outfits for the 62nd annual Grammy awards.


Janelle De Jesus, Staff Writer

On January 26, 2020 the 62nd annual Grammy Celebration was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The Grammy’s: known for its outlandish performances and celebrities trying to go home with every award possible. While several celebrities were in fact successful with taking home awards, it is not about the awards. The Grammy’s is the award show that is really all about who wore it best.

First on our Grammy’s list is Lizzo. While she has been in the music game for a few years, she recently blew up because of her song “Truth Hurts”. As for her outfit, she wore a long white gown with a slit in the leg. She threw on a white feathered boa for a more old fashioned 1920’s look. While some of the media did not think her outfit was as bold as Lizzo’s fiery personality, I definitely thought she looked “Good as Hell”. 


The queen of pop and making ponytails look good, Ariana Grande,  made herself seen at the Grammys. While being what people call “snubbed” from her awards at the show, she definitely took home the award for “best dressed”. Grande not only had one outfit, but in fact had three. Her giant cloud princess dress was not only beautiful, but also showcased Grande’s level of extraness perfectly. This outfit definitely tops my chart on who looked best.

“Her dress was so big,” sophomore Jessie Guerra said. “Seeing her jump up then landing in her dress for the press was such a Cinderella moment.”

Following Ms.Grande, we have Nick Jonas and his wife Priyanka Chopra. After remembering their huge and definitely gorgeous wedding, I guess I expected more from this incredibly stunning duo. While Chopra and Jonas both looked good on their own, I would like them to have matched. Couples who match at the Grammys will always be higher up on my list of looks. 

Billie Eilish, the teenage girl who took over the music industry with her song topics, meaning, and incredible range when it comes to singing. If you have ever listened to Eilish’s music you have probably gotten chills from either her low voice or the incredible amount of bass used in her songs. Now, it is time for her outfit. She wore a neon green and black (her signature colors) crystal embroidered Gucci outfit. It was of course custom and also incredibly Eilish. She turned heads with this outfit. Eilish has rightfully taken the title of streetwear queen.

“It’s Billie Eillish,” sophomore Robert Rangel said. “She could wear anything and make it look fashionable, so what’s not to love.” 

The boy band from South Korea that took America by storm. While I personally am not a fan of BTS, I can respect why people do like them. Their choreography, music, and talent speaks for itself. Now, on to their outfits. It was simple. While the boys’ usual style is normally very “straight out of a magazine” and cool, their look for the award show just did not do it for me. They all wore the same simple tux. Their outfits were like adding 7 of the same item into your cart while shopping. This time around I am going to have to give the BTS boys a thumbs down. 

          “It was classic,” senior Lilia Martinez said. “Their stylists were smart in choosing a simple look, it shows that they don’t need to be flashy because they’re talented.” 

Billy Porter, king of showing up. With his statement outfits and positive outlooks on equality, I was excited to see what he had brought to the Grammy’s table this year. Following his iconic half suit half ball gown outfit from last year, he wore a fringed blue sequins and glitter outfit. The outfit came with a matching hat and of course a stunning blue eye shadow and eyeliner look as well. Porter, king of thinking outside of the box, never fails to disappoint me. I look forward to his outfit next year.

“I thought his outfit was cool and unique,” freshman Jasmine Vargas said. “He never fails to bring it to award shows like these.”

Lil Nas X, music sensation and activist for equal rights, blew up after the release of his song “Old Town Road”. Since the release of his hit song, people have fallen in love with not just his music but his outfits. He wears a lot of cowboy hats and is not afraid to show his southern Georgian roots. He showed up at the awards wearing a pink leather latex moment. The matching boots and cowboy hat added a touch of southern and I am living for it.

“I love his outfits,” junior Katharine Rodriguez said. “They are beauty, they are grace, and he never fails to bring it.”

Another Jonas brother, Joe and his wife Sophie Turner also attended the Grammy’s alongside Jonas and Chopra. While Chopra and Nick Jonas did not coordinate their outfits in any way shape or form, Joe Jonas and Turner did. While their outfits were not a matching set, they did wear the same color scheme. Jonas’ navy blue, black, and yellow suit jacket marvelously complimented the skirt and sequins of Turner’s dress. While I did not particularly care for Turner’s dress, I absolutely loved Jonas’ suit. The faded yellowish brown design was quick to catch my eye. The black turtle neck was absolutely chic and I fell in love with the whole look.

Lana Del Rey, most likely to make you cry and most likely to not get in any scandals. Del Rey wore a simple grey dress to the Grammy’s that fell absolutely gorgeously. Fans and press were quick to ask Del Rey where she got her dress. They expected some luxury designer when in fact it was not that at all. The singer got her dress from her local mall and only paid to have it tailored. The whole look cost less than most other celebrities left earring. My opinion on the look? It was a statement. She made it known that you do not have to sell an arm and a leg to look nice for an award show.

“Her outfit was conservative yet classy and sophisticated,” sophomore Naomi Minnick said. “Plus the fact that she bought her dress from the mall was sick.” 

Last but not least on this list of who wore it best is YouTube and makeup sensation Nikita Dragun. While many people were skeptical of her attending the awards because she did not deserve an invite, I personally love the fact that 1) she was invited and 2) what she wore. Her outfit was a long pearl beaded gown. Parts of her dress were sheer material. The pearls accentuated her curves. Ultimately, this dress was definitely one of my favorite looks of the whole night. 

“Pearls have always been my favorite,” junior Julianne Esquivel said. “ so seeing a full gown of them on her, breathtaking.” 

While the Grammys were entertaining for the awards and performances, my favorite part were the outfits. Now, go turn on the TV and decide who you think looked the most stunning.