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Meet Kylee Hall


PC: Jose Rodriguez

Madison Rosati, Staff Writer

Throughout the years we have met great amounts of students. The kindest of the kind, the sweetest of the sweet, and the greatest of the great. Although we must watch these great students leave the halls of  Medina Valley, it is never too late to celebrate their greatness and spirit. Students like Kylee Hall are the students who truly show just how amazing our school can be. 


“Kylee is one of the sweetest people I know,” junior Janelle De Jesus said.


By creating such amazing students who know just how to show not only their school spirit but their love for others as well. Kylee Hall, a senior, knows just how to not only express her school spirit, but give it as well. 


“The best things in the world in one person,” junior Mackenzie Noakes said.


Leaving a mark with the Staff


Hall, who has been leaving a trail of smiles has made a great indent in the lives of students but most importantly, she has left a heart warming indent on the staff. 


“She is probably the most polite and observant students I have ever had, but at the same time, she can cut-up and let loose,” Coach Caitlin Schmidt said


Hall, who is part of the school’s Panther Press staff, has made a meaningful impact on those around her. Schmidt, who has been Hall’s teacher for the last six months, explained how impressive and kind Hall can be, expressing just how mood changing her imputed conversation can be.


“She is very capable of fitting into any conversation and situation simply by being herself,” Schmidt said.


Debate coach Dustin Hurley, who has been teaching history since 2017 [about three years] has successfully managed to create a family out of students  by bringing students together as a team to compete in speech and debate events. Hall, who has been part of the team since the start of 2017 has not only created an impact of the team but on the coaches as well. Now being president of the team, she has made a massive impact on team members and staff.

“Kylee is one of the smartest, most dedicated students I have ever had,” Hurley said.


Hall has been working alongside Hurley and his co-debate coach Tessa Gregory to help lead the team to an overall victory, as the team has accomplished a great amount of success and improvement this year.


“She is a natural leader and truly cares for others,” Hurley said.


“Overall she is a great person, she is smart, kind, and is always there,” Gregory said.


Being a general people pleaser, Hall has found her way around the entire school striking all staff with kindness and care. 



Highlights and Most Memorable Moments


Cheering on the Soccer boys

PC: Madison Rosati

The Medina Valley Varsity Boys Soccer team has always had fans to cheer them, but it was not until Kylee Hall came that they had true fans. Hall has been to every game this season cheering on the boys, especially her friends seniors Jose Rodiguez, Austin Pinedo, and Jacob Castro. 


“It’s nice to know I have her support, she’s created memories to last a lifetime,” Rodriguez said.



PC: Jose Rodriguez

The three players have seen in action just how far Hall will go for those she cares for. Hall has made each player their own sign, as well as a t-shirt with each of their last names on the back. 





PC: Jose Rodriguez

“Even though I don’t pay attention to them when I’m on the field it is still nice to know I have support,” Castro said.


Hall being a true fan of the team never misses a game nor an opportunity to cheer on the boys.

“I see all the effort she puts into making our signs and it makes me wanna do better,” Pinedo said.


PC: Jose Rodriguez
PC: Jose Rodriguez

“I love how she supports everyone around her, she somehow found the time to make posters for each of her favorite soccer boys,” Art teacher Dawna Sutton said. 


Being there for others


“Sometimes you have experiences and you think you have to go through them alone but Kylee is there, she’s always there,” sophomore Aya Kasim said. 


Do you ever get upset? Of course you do, at one point in our life we all get upset or sad. Even Hall does, but that does not stop her from being there for those around.


“No matter what is going on in her own life, she works hard to ensure everyone else is okay,” junior Sara Beth Beasley said.


 Having a heart of gold, Hall is always there when someone is upset or  just needs a hug. She was born a natural giver, always being there for others in times of need. Although being there for others is what is one of the most noticeable characteristics about her, it is not the only thing she is there for. She is there for her community, whether it be cleaning up trash on the floor or helping the janitor, staff, or even the bus driver.


“She’s always there for you no matter who you are,” Peralta said.


She makes sure to be there for her community to keep it clean and shining bright.


“She’ll see garbage on the ground and pick it up, she always does what’s right,” senior Nickolye Essary said.


Staff will not only remember Kylee Hall for her charisma but her heart for she has left one of the biggest dents in many hearts here at and will stay with many for a lifetime.


“I love you Kyles,” said Rodriguez,

“I love Kylee,” said Pinedo,

“She lightens up a room,” De Jesus said,

“She always brightens my day,” Essary said,

“She knows her worth and won’t accept less,” Beasley said,

“She is such a loving person, I don’t understand how she is so pure,” junior Katavina Wallace said.