Sign on the Line

Six Sign Letters of Intent

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

On October 13, 2019 and on January 15, 2020  six of our senior girls signed their letters of intent to play college sports. A letter of intent is a legal document stating that the player (of the sport) must play for at least one year. 


Audra Clark 

Audra Clark has been playing soccer ever since she was little. For our high school team she played midfielder but in college she is more likely to play forward.  Clark signed to Nebraska University. She has helped her team win the Bi-District title and 28-5A District crown. Also, earning the TASCO first team All-Region, first-team All-area, San Antonio Area Super Team, District 28-5A MVP and Medina Valley Team MVP honors.

 Clark’s favorite part of this team would be “the friendships that form.” Audra will be one of  eight freshmen on the 2020 roster. She’s the most nervous for the workouts. 

“ Workouts will be harder,” Clark said. But she is also excited to “ meet new people from different places.” All of the new freshmen are from different states. 


Gabriela McNelly 

Gabby will be attending Kansas State University. This was one of her top picks because of the golf program there. She got into golf because of her dad and the started tournaments when she was 11.     “[Golf is a sport that] challenges me mentaly and physically,” McNelly said. McKelly knew that golfing could be an ideal move in her future, and in the end it paid off.




Trystan Benke 

Trystan Benke will be attending Schreiner University. She has been playing softball since she was four years old. She’ll be the pitcher for the 2020 softball season. 

Her favorite part of the game is that she’s able to “[get] away from everything.”, It is just her and the game. The most challenging part for her is that it will be more select softball than high school. 


Meghan Haan 

  Meghan will be attending South Dakota State on a volleyball scholarship. It took some consideration for her to decide. “When it came down to the end SDSU was where I could see myself in the future,” said Haan. She had a few choices but SDSU felt like the right fit for her. She has been playing volleyball since she was 9 years old.

  One of her favorite parts is, “ is the friends I have made along the journey; all of us sharing the same passion.” At Haan’s New home at SDSU she is excited to do what she loves. 

Haan got into the sport from her mom, every night they practice because both of them knew that this is what was the future for her.  


Gabriella Salazar 

  Gabriella got accepted into Coastal Bend College with a softball scholarship. Salazar  has been playing since she was 3 years old, it was not until she was 14 that she played on a select team.

 Her mom put her in a tee ball, soon she “fell in love with the game.”  Her favorite part is the softball community and how supportive they have been.

 From the beginning she strove to get a scholarship to help with schooling. All she has been wanting is to do better and improve herself and she’s had that mindset ever since and its paid off. 


Abby Zinsmeyer  

Abigail’s first and final pick was Murray state. She has been shooting since she was eight years old. Abby thanks her father for getting her into shooting, he introduced her to it.

“[The]rest is history,” Zinsmeyer said . College shooting does not seem to be different than what she has been used to, but she is looking forward to the challenge. She is most excited for the meeting and bonding with her teammates, because they share the same passions as she does. 


All of these girls have one thing in common, all of them started the game to have fun and will continue to have fun in college.