Miss Americana

A look into the film touching the hearts of Swifties everywhere


Aya Kasim, Staff Writer


Miss Americana is a warm hearted, humane, and candid expression of life behind the glamour of the music industry. Taylor Swift opens up like never before to an audience ready for her much anticipated commentary. It is one hour and thirty minutes of enthralling clarity into the last several years of her career. Fans are not disappointed. 

“The documentary gave a unique perspective from a unique artist,” senior Caleb Favella said. “It was so genuine.”


The title of the documentary, Miss Americana, though is not discussed in the film, cleverly alludes to Miss Americana and The Heartbreak Prince, a song on Swift’s most recent album, Lover. In the song, high school and teenage drama is used as an extended metaphor for the obstacles Swift has faced because of her fame. She sings of hatred and misunderstanding as an outcast, only accepted by her lover, the heartbreak prince. “Miss Americana” is very fitting as a title to a film mainly centered around Swift’s experience with social pressures, hate, and troubles within the music industry.

“It’s great to see someone who grew up in the spotlight really become her own,” junior Mackenzie Noakes said. “It’s something a lot of girls can relate to, because we are always told what to be and when all we need to do is be ourselves.”

The documentary begins with a montage of Swift’s journey into stardom. From home movies to national television, the viewers are provided a couple moments to reminisce over the past 14 years of Swift’s career.

The movie does an excellent job of welcoming fans into the behind-the-scenes of moments we have only previously viewed  after meticulous production and editing: the making of Swift’s songs, her music videos, and live performances. In the documentary, videos of Swift in the studio allows viewers to watch Taylor contemplate lyrics, try out melodies, and sing her completed songs in real time. The clips featuring the making of Swift’s You Need to Calm Down and Me music videos show the detail that goes into each of the extravaganzas. Also included are shots of Taylor mere minutes before big performances, giving herself pep talks and warming up.

“I have been a fan of Taylor Swift for as long as I have been listening to music,” junior Kathrine Rodriguez said. “It’s very beautiful to see how much she’s grown.”

Miss Americana also takes its viewers deeper into Taylor’s personal life than ever before. In the movie, Taylor opens up about her mother’s cancer, her issues with body image and weight, and allows us to take a quick glimpse into her long-time romance with actor, Joe Alwyn. 

The moments Swift shares with her fans through this documentary, however, are not all sweet and loving. Without hesitation, this film opens up the conversation to the several controversial events of Swift’s past– until now, one sided. Swift recalls her thoughts while being upstaged by Kanye West at the 2009 VMAs, her sexual assault lawsuit, and her journey towards political activism. 

“I enjoyed it,” sophomore Jordan Schott said. “I liked that she opened up on the pressure of being famous and gave her point of view because for a while, she was not talking about what happened; she had disappeared.”

What begins as an exposé into the life of America’s sweetheart ends with a call to action and encouragement to the youth of today. Swift debuted a new single with the making of this film called Only the Young. The song is an anthem for teenage presence in politics and national conversation.

“I love Only the Young,” Noakes said. “ It’s a reminder to younger generations, keeping up with politics that our time is coming and that there are people like Taylor Swift on our side.”  


Miss Americana is a sweet and heartfelt gift to all fans of Taylor Swift. It is sincere in its delivery, unashamed of its content, and true to its message: Grow into and become who you want to be. Stand for what speaks to you. And, relish every moment along the way.