Kickin It

Seniors on their last soccer season


PC: Jacob May

The team lines up before the game on Feb 4

Kylee Hall

Starting in December, Friday night lights stole a new meaning. No longer measuring wins by touchdowns and two point conversions, these games are won in goals. Soccer season has kicked off and the boys have sprinted into some of their last seasons. 


“I am going to miss playing in the stadium and hearing my name being yelled,” Senior Team Captain Pablo Sandoval said. 


District play started on January 17 and the boys are starting to get in the groove of playing together again. 


Senior Austin Pinedo said “ the team is super close on and off the field so the team chemistry is good.” 


Falling back into the season, the seniors have taken in that this will be their last high school season. 


“I will miss our pregame warm ups, everybody has fun,” said senior Erik Klessel. 


“ I will miss not having the team after I graduate, soccer won’t be with the boys anymore,” senior Jacob Castro said. 


Although Seniors realize just how fast this season is flying by, they also recognize just how set the team is to succeed this season. One asset they find prominent..the leadership presented on the team. 


 Klessel says the best asset this season are the team captains.  “ They are good leaders”. 


Captains Sandoval and senior Gustavo Salas take pride in the leadership they contribute to the team. Both young men find the trust the team places in their hands a high distinction. 


“They have confidence in where I can get them,” Sandoval said.


Salas defines his captain philosophy as “ no matter the score, keep going, don’t hang your head”. 


Not only do these young men lead by example, but the boys find each other’s success as a win no matter the score. 


“My favorite thing from the season is watching when Lionel scored,” Salas said. 


Whether it be being voted by teammates as team captains or pre game warm ups, the memories made on and off the field are what teams will remember. In five years, it will not matter whether they won or lost, the things that truly matter will be the small things. Their favorite memories will live on, not their winning record. 


“The inside jokes are what I am going to miss,” senior Lionel Perez said.


“I will miss messing with Coach Payne,” Salas said. 


“Looking at Brucies [senior Jaron Ramirez] calves,” Pinedo said. The team has their jokes but Pinedo said seriously “I will miss putting my all on the field to try to win, I like the competition.” 


“ We wanna make playoffs, and this is the seniors last year to do it,” senior Case Henrich said. 


These boys lay their all down each game and for the seniors these are their lasts, good luck and go panthers.