Beasley Breaks Records

Sara Beth Beasley continues to prove her skills in and out of debate rounds


PC: Dustin Hurley

Beasley smiling after a successful tournament !

Kylee Hall, Staff Writer

For those who do not know Sara Beth Beasley, she is one of the most influential, and dedicated students to walk through the halls of Medina Valley High. She participates in what seems to be almost every club at Medina Valley. The one she dedicates most of her time to, however, is Speech and Debate. 


Beasley walked into a round and there she became an amazing speaker, debater, and leader. Since her freshman year, Beasley has spent her Saturdays attending random school tournaments, waking up early, and returning home late. 


Speech and Debate is an activity that gives students the ability to enhance their speaking skills through impromptu speeches, prepared interpretation pieces and debate. 


Although Beasley participates in partner event public forum, in single debate (Lincoln Douglas), she also finds major success in extemporaneous speaking. 


As a freshman, Beasley overlooked extemporaneous speaking and focused solely on her debate events. Little did anyone know just how successful Sara Beth would find herself in the years to come. 


After her freshman year, Coach Dustin Hurley entered Beasley into the event. After countless amounts of first and second place trophies, Beasley finally broke the point minimum needed for TFA State.  Texas Forensic Association (TFA) hosts a state competition every year, based off of points given at tournaments students qualify for. Sara beth is the first in Medina Valley history to qualify for TFA State. 


“ It is a well deserved win, ” Vice Principal John Slaton said. Sara Beth does not only make a path for herself on this road to TFA State but she also makes a path for Medina Valley.


“ It’s the first time anyone has qualified for TFA state in Medina Valley history. It’s a huge step for the Speech and Debate Program and it goes to show that not only can Medina Valley take on the competition at these tournaments, but Medina Valley can take on anyone in the State,” Hurley said. 


Beasley leaves for state March 4. Good luck Sara Beth, and go speak your heart out!