BPA’s Road To Success

Today’s Students, Tomorrow's Business Professionals, are one step closer

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BPA’s Road To Success

Madison Rosati, Staff Writer

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Many Medina Valley Students will make their way to state after successfully competing in last week’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) Regional Leadership Conference. After months of competing and practicing 28 students are able to represent Medina Valley at state. Students are now preparing and ready to  represent the excellent culture Medina Valley has to bring. These four students show just how great BPA can be for them, and just how great this experience is.



PC: Nickolye Essary

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications State Qualifier


Senior Nickolye Essary who advanced to state in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications, is ready to take on his final test at state. After months of testing and preparing for the future Essary is ready to take on the best of the best. Being one of 28 to advance to state, Essary is  already practicing for the big day.


“I was happy, proud of myself, and felt accomplished, but at the same time felt ready for the next step,” Essary said.



PC: Madison Rosati

Medical Office Procedure State Qualifier


Senior Bethany Lowell who placed in the top three of her testing group is heading to state more prepared than most. Lowell, who is a great in the classroom, knows just how to get where she wants to be. By studying and practicing for her goals Lowell is already preparing herself for state.

“Mrs. Kohlleppel had shown us some old test from previous years, so I printed them out to practice,” Lowell said


 After many studyful hours Lowell’s hard work definitely paid off landing her a state spot.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting new people at state,” Lowell said. 

PC: Kierian Downes

Business Law and Ethics State Qualifier


Senior Maximo Leal advanced to state in Business Law and Ethics placing 3rd in his event overall. Leal who has been doing BPA all year made it possible for all that hard work to take him to the next step.

“I like the people in BPA, but the tests not so much,” Leal said.


“I basically took a ‘Dr. Jones Test’, so it was pretty easy to understand. I had a dictionary on hand the entire time as well which helped me out a lot,” Leal said.



PC: Madison Rosati

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting State Qualifier

Senior Luke Clamon advanced to state after getting in the top three of his event. Clamon who is a computer fanatic loves working with and on computers. 


“I’m really good with computers, so I decided to join BPA based on that,” Clamon said.


After taking several practice tests Clamon was able to prepare himself enough to place in his event and help take his school to state. Clamon is one of 28 people representing Medina Valley High School at BPA state. 


 Like Dr. Dwight McHazlett likes to say, we are “the culture of excellence”. We are Medina Valley, and our students are destined for great things. With a coach like Mrs. Kohlleppel and students as great as these anything is possible. So let us wish the following students good luck on their journey!  Good luck Medina Valley students!




BPA’s State Qualifiers


Advanced Spreadsheet Applications – Amy Zinsmeister

Advanced Word Processing – Kathryn Tondre

Basic Office Systems & Procedures – Hannah Tschirhart

Fundamental Accounting – Keri Bedinghaus

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications – Nickolye Essary

Fundamental Word Processing – Tyler Frail

Intermediate Word Processing – Allie Tschirhart

Payroll Accounting – Kayla Masters

Personal Financial Management – Malorri James

Server Administration Using Microsoft – Jackson Bitters

Banking & Finance – Lauren Sprauer

Extemporaneous Speech – Abby Mueller

Integrated Office Applications – Arianna Suniga

Network Administration Using Cisco – Abigail Amiscosa

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting – William Tschirhart

Basic Office Systems & Procedures – Caroline Williams

Business Law & Ethics – Maximo Leal

Fundamental Word Processing – Savannah Persyn

Payroll Accounting – Tyler Oberhauser

PC Servicing & Troubleshooting – Luke Clamon

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures – MaKenzee DeCock

Advanced Word Processing – Allyssa Thoele

Banking & Finance – Hank Moellenberg

Medical Office Procedures – Bethany Lowell

Network Administration Using Cisco – Jasmine Salazar

Administrative Support Team – Allie Tschirhart, Kathryn Tondre, Arianna Suniga and Savannah Persyn

Network Design Team – Jasmine Salazar and Jackson Bitters

Website Design Team – Annsly Hamilton, Kailey Joy, Abby Mueller and Trista Miller


State alternatives


Human Resource Management – Samantha Noll

Fundamental Accounting – Garrett Kanak

Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications – Alyssa Salazar

Intermediate Word Processing – Emma Smith

Administrative Support Team Amy Zinsmeister, Caroline Williams and Allyssa Thoele