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Mac Miller posthumous album

Mac Miller’s album, Circles cover art

PC: Warner Records

Mac Miller’s album, Circles cover art PC: Warner Records

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

On September 7, 2018  the late rapper Mac Miller died from a drug overdose. Fans from all over were devastated not only by his death but also because he would no longer be making music.

It wasn’t until January 17, 2020 that his newest album, Circles was released. This is his 6th album released,and  the first one that has been released since his death. The album was produced by Jon Brion. Jon Brion was working on this album with Miller before he died and continued even after. The new album was a companion project to Swimming

“ It’s kind of different,” freshman Joseph Deleon said. Even though it’s a companion project to the album Swimming, it is still different. In this album Deleon felt a bunch of emotions from depression, sadness, and happiness.

Of course, many fans were saddened by his death, and this was their closure. 

“ [It is] a happy ending. If they stop it now, it would be a good ending,” junior Daniel Ingram said. This album was more of calm down and not take things so seriously and to just listen to him as he talks about his life. 

But with this being his posthumous album, many people have negative opinions toward it. 

“They could have waited a little longer,” Coach Moreno said. Even though he’s not a fan, he still believes that Miller’s death is still too sudden.  

We don’t know yet if this will be his last album, but his music will still be moving.