Aya Kasim, the Girl on Fire

The sophomore class president Aya Kasim that took Medina Valley by storm.


PC: Dominick Peralta

Aya kasim showing off her panther pride

Dominick Peralta, Staff Writer


“She is the most hardworking person I know, she is incredibly helpful and is always so positive” Math teacher and NHS sponsor, Megan Perry

Aya Kasim is the kind of girl that has everyone on her side. Claiming 2nd place for prose in speech and debate and coming second in the American Legion Division, Kasim has shown that she has the drive to accomplish anything she can put her mind to. Always pushing herself  from a young age, Kasim was born 7,341 miles away in Baghdad, Iraq back in the January 6, 2004. At the age of 4, her and her family came to the United States, Houston to be exact. Although she knew only her native language, she soon picked up english during her school years. 

“In Kindergarten, I didn’t know any English,” Kasim said. “I had to communicate through hand gestures.” 


“Aya is very determined and always ready to put in any amount of effort it takes to get the job done. She is very passionate about everything she does and puts her all in every one of her tasks,” senior Kayla Masters said.


Aya Kasim pushes the standards higher than anyone else. From Newspaper to Speech and Debate, Kasim has had an active role in Medina Valley. Excelling in just about everything that is put in front of her, she is never one to back away from a challenge. Some other clubs she partakes in include, Peers for Positive change, UIL, STUCO

Aya Kasim (left) posing for her winning shot with Sara Beth Beasley(right)

and Quill and Scroll. When she is not busy kicking butt in debate, she is working her hardest to make her class and the school a better place through STUCO. 


“Aya is very sweet, honest and very caring,” sophomore class treasurer Giorgette Ruiz said. “She has really helped the sophomore class come together more this year.”

 Kasim’s participation and involvement in STUCO goes to show just how far she will go to be the best for everyone.

 “She has phenomenal leader skills and an incredible drive; she is well rounded and very friendly,” Said Librarian Jennifer Purdy.


“I believe Aya has the potential to do whatever she puts her mind to everything she does and everything about her makes her great class president,” said junior Janelle De Jesus.

 “She never fails to make someone smile and is the kind of person that is always there for people.”


What makes Aya Kasim such a great leader and likable person is her friendly personality and driven attitude. 

“I think she has a favorable impact on the school,” Dr. Robert Jones said. “Aya is friendly, nonjudgmental and very hands on with everything.”

 With a goal in mind and positivity beaming off of her, you will always find Aya trying her best to help any of her fellow students. Never losing her smile, Kasim brings Medina Valley new positivity and hope each day.