Widening the Playing Field

Seniors say goodbye to one sport and jump into another.


PC: Natalie Hickman

Kylee Hall, Staff Writer

Athletes and other extracurricular participants alike can probably agree that the time spent in school activities were some of their favorite memories throughout highschool. Athletes spent hours before school, after school, and weekends grinding. “Student athlete” does not begin to describe the work that students put in. Medina Valley strives for excellence, but the athletes that MV is made of are far more than excellent. They are intelligent, adaptable, hardworking, and – more than anything- dedicated. 


Athletes spend their days working hard, putting their best foot forward in their schoolwork, but also spend hours in practice, giving their best to their coaches as well. What happens when one sport ends and another begins? Students pick right back up where they left off. Without hesitation, students across campus jump into another sport. Combinations from football to soccer, basketball to track, and swimming to golf. Student athletes are some of the busiest kids walking down these hallways. 

A majority of the top ten percent of the senior class consists not just of well deserving students, but of athletic participants as well. 


As seniors, a few students in football, cross country, and cheer say goodbye to their last seasons as high school athletes, while others say hello to their next pursuit.

PC: Tim Rash

“You feel a lot of pressure because you no longer get to say ‘there’s always next season, ” senior Jose Rodriguez said. 


Rodriguez finds the transition from tennis to soccer simple.


 “It’s easy because the coaches work with our schedules,” Rodriguez said.


Seniors like Rodriguez, Jaron Ramirez, and James Gipson all find themselves engulfed into another sport. 

PC: Natalie Hickman

Ramirez finds the transition from football to soccer easy. 


“Football was fun but it was more complicated, soccer is simplistic” Ramirez said.  


“It was a great season, I gotta finish the season off with the people I started with” Gipson said about finishing his senior season of football while also moving onto the courts for basketball.


As seasons come to a close, seniors are hit with the realization that this will be some of the last times they step onto the field as a high schooler. Despite these being some of their last moments  they still find time to enjoy the moments between the practices and games. Senior year may be coming to an end, but the legacy seniors leave behind will stay for years to come.