Once a Star Always a Star

Three of our Football Stars get to Play at the All Star Game

Seniors James Gipson, Spencer Payne, and Grant Snider in their All Star jerseys.

Seniors James Gipson, Spencer Payne, and Grant Snider in their All Star jerseys.

Marina Garcia , Staff Writer

On January 4, at Alamodome, three of our Medina Valley football players came together to play once more at the 42nd annual All Star game. Spencer Payne, Grant Snider, and James Gipson were the seniors that were selected. To be selected, one has to be a senior and it is  based off of their performance from this year’s games. 

The boys practiced twice a day for one week with their new fellow teammates, and practices were held at John Jay’s stadium. Teams were split between schools in San Antonio. 

“It helped to have someone to talk to,” Snider said. Even though the guys played different parts of the game, being on the same team made a difference.

“These kids are really fast,”  Snider said as his first on field reaction. There was 61 different schools and around roughly 100 players. 

At the game, our very own Medina Valley cheerleaders got to cheer at the All Star game. Medina Valley and John Marshall were only two cheer teams chosen to be at the game. To be eligible for the game, they had to get the most votes to participate. 

“ It was fun a lot of fun, [it was] something different,” junior Ally Ripps said. 

With there being 64,000 seats in the stadium it is a big difference from our school stadium. 

“ I was really excited to cheer for him one more time,” junior Graclyenn Snider, sister to Grant Snider. Gracelynn Snider has been cheering for her brother since she was small. 

For many of these players this will be there last time playing football. For some they might play college ball or go to the NFL one day. But one this for sure the Friday night fever will never die!