The Fine Line Between Bop and Flop


Fine Line album taking the media by storm.

Janelle De Jesus, Staff Writer

Harry Styles’ album Fine Line has 12 tracks, starting with Golden and ending with Fine Line. Since the initial release on Dec. 13 2019, seven out of the twelve tracks have made it onto the Billboard Hot 100. He sold an accumulated total of 478,000 in sales between vinyl and CD’s. 393,000 copies were also sold as full albums. The album also had 109 million streams, making it the most popular album of that week and the overall third best debut of the year. 


“He’s definitely the most famous ex One Direction member,” sophomore Robert Rangel said, “and yeah he’s accomplished a lot with this album so good for him, but sometimes it seems as if people won’t give him a chance since they still see him as a 16 year old. I hope he grows to get more respect, he’s definitely earned it.”


Although this album did make a lot of profit and was a chart topper, it is not only about the money. The album gives you a bundle of feelings from ecstatic to depressed to the type of feeling where you sit down and stare at the ceiling. The album is truly a beautiful one. It has a modern feeling yet is very retro, with touches of rock and pop. It contains touches of acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano and others.The album touches your heart in a way very few others can. Fine Line mentions moments of love, heartache, hopefulness, and loneliness. The album is not for everyone, no album ever is, but if you need a good smile or a good cry then this album is for you. 


“Lights up has to be my favorite song on the album,” senior Oceanna Massey said. “The song just helps you get over that one toxic relationship. It’s a new part of life, and it’s a really beautiful song that gets you to step into the light.”


Styles’ music has evolved since the release of his first album on May 12, 2017. Fine Line shows a more mature side that we have not seen. Since leaving One Direction in 2015, we have seen Styles grow up from a teenager to an adult. Each song on this album tells a different story and with each song we see a different side to Styles’ and his emotions on a multitude of subjects. 


“I think with this album we really see a different side to Harry,” sophomore Allison Whitley said. “He’s the same person he’s always been but he’s finally free to express himself and not worry about staying brand safe. So ultimately it’s a good change, for him and the listeners.”


Ultimately, whether or not you choose to listen to Fine Line is your choice. But, with pressing play comes a whole album that you will not be able to stop listening to. A multitude of songs for any person and hopefully a smile by the time you reach the last track. So take out your phone and stream the album, what are you waiting for?