Growing Up and Growing Through

Seniors saying goodbye to the decade and hello to 2020.


PC: Malorri James

Seniors Kendra Cadena, Audra Clark, Sofia Gonzalez, Madalyne Villarreal smile big for senior year.

Kylee Hall, Staff Writer

At the beginning of 2010, most of the senior class was seven or eight. Now, 17-18 they are looking back at the childhood that flew by so quick and started to realize just how fast life can go. 


Growing up we played outside, the scrapes and bruises that covered our knees healed and faded as we grew up. The feeling of being a kid stayed as we grew up, we traded toys for textbooks, found our friend groups, but we also found ourselves. The seniors are ready to graduate, the year is halfway over and with our caps and gowns ordered. We are ready to walk the stage. However, with months to go, we find ourselves looking back at what we enjoyed, who we were, and what we are leaving behind.


Even though 2020 has just started, just about everyone is excited for what is to come. Looking back at where she started and who she has become, senior Jordyn Steubing “likes how things have changed.” 


 For the next year, the senior class takes their last days of childhood under their wing, realizing that college, jobs, and supporting our future is far closer than some of us want to admit. While we know just how quick reality is going to hit us, seniors find peace in knowing what they are growing into.


Senior Madison Winecoff finds comfort in knowing that what this next decade brings. “ I get to leave behind bad habits,” Winecoff said. “ I needed to let them go in order for me to grow as a person”.


Winecoff gives way to what these next couple of years will probably be for us. We will spend our time working, going to school, and growing as individuals. 


Senior Analeise Zapata will spend her decade at UTSA. “ My goal is to graduate with a degree,” Zapata said. 


Not only are we stepping into the decade that makes us all adults but we leave behind what made us who we are. The struggles, triumphs, and the victories, all add up to the people that we have become.  


“ My biggest accomplishment is being noticed by a regional [soccer] coach,” senior Jacob Castro said.


Our last semester of highschool has begun, and it is starting to set in that these really are our last memories as kids. For the next few months, the senior class will receive acceptance letters, open our caps and gowns, and eventually take those steps into Panther stadium. We will say goodbye to our lives as panthers and hello to our journey as adults.