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Netflix’s You series review, and what's new in season two NO SPOILERS

What's new with You

Madison Rosati, Staff Writer

It finally happened, season two of  the infamous netflix series You has finally hit the Netflix community. For those who have seen the first season, most know what to expect from Joe Goldburg in season two. 


As a recap, let’s go over season one and what important moments are relevant for understanding season two. Joe Goldberg, the protagonist of the series, is amazingly charming, but holds a terrifying secret that only the viewers are aware of. As the season continues, Goldberg’s secret seems to appear more often in his life adding to his shocking addiction. Goldberg continuously does things he finds necessary to improve the life of the one he claims to love. 

“It’s actually really good…especially since [a character] comes back, I’m still shook,” senior Angelina Pulido said.


Unlike season one, which was focused on Goldburg and Guinevere Beck’s relationship, it is quite evident to see that’s not the case in season two. For those who have finished season one, you know exactly what I’m talking about and the real reason for Beck’s disappearance in season two. Season two is filled with twice as much surprise as season one, so be ready.


“It blew my mind!” junior Yazzmine Fields said.

 While Joe does in fact find someone new in season two, he finds he is still stuck in his past, which does not come quite as a surprise to viewers. Still learning from his previous mistakes, Goldburg attempts to focus on becoming a better person to avoid persecution, but unlike in season one, Goldburg does less of his claimed blood crazed addiction. As well teach his newfound lover the same, as the season comes to an end.

“I feel like he’s trying to be better,” sophomore Alyssa Council said.


 Although he knows love is not for him, he still finds himself stuck in the same position he was with Beck back in season one. Near the end of the new season, Goldberg is then hit with a surprising plot twist that not only leaves him in shock but viewers as well.


“I’m still shocked, I expected it to be mainly about Joe,” Pulido said.

Season one was focused on Goldburg protecting Beck in the only way he knew how to, but season two turns out to be the opposite. He is no longer the only one protecting his lover, as he sees the light of his new lover in Los Angeles. We also begin to see his blood shedding addiction (while still eating at him) does not take as much control over his life as it once did before. 

For those looking for a new binge worthy show to spend hours on end watching, You is the show for you. Overall the show is great for viewers who love suspense and drama as the show is filled with both. It is the life of Joe Goldberg that is truly interesting; the excitement, the drama, the love, and psychopathic mind of Joe Goldberg is something you definitely do not want to miss. As for those of you who are already fans of the show, make sure to keep an eye out for what we hope to be a season three in 2021.