Hawaii Tiki Bowl

Taylor Weir’s Football Adventure in Hawaii Representing Medina Valley.

Addison Guinther, Staff Writer

On January 1, Senior Taylor Weir traveled to Honolulu, Hawaii to play in the Tiki Bowl. The Hawaii Tiki Bowl has been going on for 18 years. High school players get selected and invited to play from all over the country. Many of the boys go to meet college coaches and get exposure to continue their football career. About 10-20 college coaches attend every Bowl to see and meet the players that could be on their team in the future. Heisman Trophy winner and current NFL team’s, the Carolina Panthers, quarterback Cam Newton, played in the Hawaii Tiki Bowl before attending Auburn University.

PC: Hawaii Tiki Bowl
Taylor Weir before he runs out of the tunnel at the Tiki Bowl.

This football game is where boys from high schools all over the United States come together to play their last football game of the season. Unfortunately this was the last game ever for Weir. “It was sad seeing 7 years of hard work end on a good note,” Weir said.

PC: Hawaii Tiki Bowl
Taylor during the game, after a play.

While on the trip, Taylor got to go swimming and tour all over the island of Oahu with his team. They went on a two mile hiking trip the day of the game as well with which Taylor did not sound very enthused about. Practices were horrible,“it was very challenging and so hot,” Weir said.
Talor had fun though. He made friends with many of the boys he played with, but felt a little out of place. “All the boys were like 6’3”-6’4”, I felt like Grant,” Weir said.
Same thing during the game. Taylor described the game as “difficult” because everyone who played was bigger and had many skills, but he was grateful for everything he got to experience. Knowing it was his last game ever made Taylor sad, but he saw the bright side.“It felt cool having my name on the back of a jersey,” he said.