Frozen in Time

Review the chilling spectacle that is Frozen II


Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

Box office and theater hit, Frozen II seems to have been the most anticipated movie of the year. Especially amongst high school students, all can remember the frenzy that the first Frozen emitted years ago. It was the themed toys, Elsa costumes, and lyrics to “Let It Go” that defined our childhoods. Will Frozen II leave the same impact?

“Of course I watched Frozen–who hasn’t?” sophomore Robert Rangel said. “It’s godly.”

Comparisons to the first movie have become inevitable. However, Frozen and Frozen II seem to share more differences than similarities. The newest film has predominantly different settings, additional characters, and an overall opposite feel. From winter wonderlands to mystic forests, Frozen II has a more dramatic effect. The songs are powerful and the plot intense. 

The movie explores many themes along with the classic embrace of familial love carried out from the original film. At the beginning of Frozen II, there is an all too familiar feeling of trying to hold on to the good times. In her song, “Into The Unknown”, Elsa expresses that she has already had her adventure and wishes to not ruin the perfect moments she is sharing with her friends, family, and people by following what is calling her. This theme breaks the viewer’s assumption of happily ever after commonly sought after in Disney movies. The break Frozen II takes from conventiality allows its characters to also explore themes of grief, fear, and acceptance. 

One other difference between the films that is not hard notice is the animation. Over the years, Disney naturally developed new techniques and programs that advanced its quality greatly. Frozen lovers experienced a pleasant surprise when they saw their favorite characters depicted with such detail.

“The plot was fuzzier, but the visuals were so much better,” sophomore Kiley Winkler said. “I loved the new characters.”

All the characters  in the film share a likeable quality, but it seems the real star of Frozen II is Olaf. From the very beginning, we are reminded that Olaf is new to the kingdom of Arendelle and to life in general. The screenwriters gracefully embrace his innocence as Olaf is always asking very deep and almost comical questions in an attempt to make sense of the world. This appeals to the teenage audience that watched the first Frozen movie years ago as little kids, but now, after maturing, face the same questions and uncertainties.

“I really liked Olaf’s philosophical attitude,” senior Caleb Favela. “I’m 17 now; time has gone by very fast and I feel old.”

On a lighter note, one of the most iconic aspects of the Frozen franchise is the hair. In the first Frozen, Elsa’s thick and complex braid received great attention and unprecedented acclaim . In the recent Frozen II, Elsa adopts a new style nearing the end of the film, a free flowing natural wave of blonde. One cannot help but admire the beauty of the style and the fitting sense of freedom it emulates.    

The first Frozen was released in 2013–6 years ago! Time quickly went by, however, the impact Frozen had on millions was timeless. 

Frozen II leaves the same powerful impact, but now on both new and old generations. Many high schoolers watched the film with their younger relatives, children that had not even been born at Frozen’s first release. This caused for a special moment of self-awareness, a realization of life’s quick pace and unrelenting change that is inescapable and cannot be ignored.

This is what we look for in movies, a quality that causes us to question aspects of our lives. Frozen II does just that and more from beginning to end.  Expect chills from this frozen spectacle