Christmas in Texas

The start of Christmas break brings chance at new memories.


Dominick Peralta, Staff Writer


It is the end of the semester and you know what that means, no more tests and no more stress. The conclusion of our first semester wraps up with finals week, which means the conclusion of testing and homework. That means everyone is getting ready for their Christmas break. With Christmas right around the corner, there is something for everyone to do this year. Whether it be getting a cup of coffee with your friend, or going to go see some Christmas lights, there are things in both San Antonio and Castroville to do.


“The Magnolia Filling Station is contributing to the holiday spirit by having holiday drinks and festive decorations. One of these drinks is a peppermint mocha, and there are also festive pastries like snowflake cookies with sprinkles as well,“ junior Alexis Engel said.


Castroville holds many opportunities for you, your friends, and family to get out and have fun: you can stop down at the Magnolia Filling Station and try one of their seasonal drinks with a couple of friends, visit Houston Square for the Old-Fashioned Christmas festival which takes place on the 6th and 7th of december.  Enjoy a day at Castroville regional park with your family to pass time during the Christmas break.


“It’s beautiful, all the colors pop at night. The lights mesmerize you and just get you into the Christmas spirit. It’s really contributes on giving you the Christmas feel. Even though we don’t get snow in Texas, the lights hanging down the trees give the illusion of snow following. If you get the chance to see it, you should,” junior America Garcia said. 


For those of you who live on the San Antonio side, there is still a lot of fun ways to fill your winter break. Chritsmas is also all about the bright colors and lights. Downtown San Antonio has many displays of lights all around. Grab your family, have a stroll down the river walk, and watch all hanging lights fill up the cool night sky.


No matter where you are or where you go, there is something for everyone. Whether it be downtown San Antonio to cold and quiet Castroville, there are a number of ways to fill your Christmas vacation with happy and fulfilling memories.