Is Thursday the New Black

Black Friday is Not the Same as it Used to Be


Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

Every year many Americans race to get the biggest deals on an assortment of things. 

Black Friday has been an American tradition since 1966. Every year the day after Thanksgiving, people go shopping as early as possible. 

In most recent years, many stores start selling Black Friday priced items on Thanksgiving day. With this, many people cut Thanksgiving short.

“[It] takes the point away from Black Friday,” sophomore Veronica Garcia said. If you look up Black Friday, you’ll see crazy fights for the best deals, the rush of people and energy. But with people starting sooner, Garcia believes that the point of Black Friday is gone.

“[It’s] So dumb, [you’re] suppose to go spend time with your family,” junior Cade Mangan commented on his thoughts of people shopping during Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving should be a time to give thanks and remember what you have and to be grateful for it. Also, it is an opportunity to have quality family time and be grateful to spend the day with them. Instead, many people eat and then go shopping or go shopping then eat Thanksgiving dinner. About 29 million people go shopping on Thanksgiving day. This takes time away from family. 

Even though going Black Friday is beneficial when getting gifts for you and your loved ones spending time with them is priceless.