Library Additions

Explore the Details of a Place Full Wonders


PC: Aya

One of the many new decorations displayed around the library.

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

As the year progresses, students seem to grow comfortable into their own routine. Their location at all times is already decided upon: “I’ll stay in the cafeteria during lunch, the courtyard before school, and the gym after-school.” However, one place, with many new additions and beneficial provisions, is not often appreciated: the library.

Truly, the biggest addition to the library this year is the Themed Shelf. Just inside the right entrance of the library, nearest to the computers, sits a shelf decorated and filled with books that pertain to the theme of the month. Having begun in October, the first theme of this year was “Dare to Read a Spooky Book.” Because of its success, the library will continue the themed shelf all the way up until May.

“It started as a way to get kids interested in checking out books,” : Librarian Jennifer Purdy said. “There has been a positive response; At the beginning of October, the shelf was packed, but near the end, most of the books were checked out.”

All upcoming themes are as followed:

  • November: Indulge in the Classics/ Thankful for the Classics
  • December: The Gift of Reading
  • January: The Book was Better
  • February: Cliche Romance
  • March: Take a Chance on Someone’s favorite
  • April: Sad, Make you Cry books
  • May: Binge in a series

The shelf is decorated each month by the Library-aids of all periods. They work together around the theme to find creative to each contribute a creative . For this month’s “Indulge in the Classics,” the aids created a turkey and pumpkins out of paper, as well as glued forks around the edges of the shelf.

“For Halloween, I outlined a body out of tape in front of the shelf and everyone laughed at that,” senior Malorri James said. “[I am most excited] for February, the Cliche Romance month.”

Students are encouraged to make suggestions for next year’s themes and are asked to share their ideas with the librarian, Mrs. Purdy.

Along with the Themed Shelf, another addition to the library bears equally exciting gifts–new books! The shelf to right of Grand Central Station is compact with 2019 new releases. To make room for these young novels, the library put out the Free Books Box that consists of old books infrequently checked out or damaged in some slight way.

And while you are checking out one of these new books or are taking a free one home, don’t forget to take a bookmark out of several constantly displayed on the circulation desk–another wonderful and sweet addition to our library. 

Decorations now line the entire  library. Everywhere you turn, there are paintings and crafts made by students over the years, including the Panther Mural from last year’s Garbage Art Gallery.

“I like all the paintings,” sophomore Jacob De Luna said. “The library is pretty well organized.”

Similar to some of these decorations, some aspects of the library are not new this year, but still continue to thrive. The Charging Station, implemented last year, is in constant use and has become an asset to many students. The Library Challenge is also still in full affect. A group of determined students take on the challenge each year to win prizes and take a trip at the end of the year with their fellow readers.

“I am one book into the Library Challenge,” sophomore Juan Madrigal said. “It sounded cool because, you know, free stuff.”

As the library continues to grow, it becomes a place of gathering–A place not just for the enjoyment of literary marvels, but for friends and peers to come together to admire the little things that make it what it is. So, please, visit the library and appreciate a place too often overlooked.