Greenthumbs for the Young

Agricultural Building Starts Up up the Greenhouse Again

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

The agricultural science program bought the greenhouse in 1998 and closed it in 2007. It was closed due to them getting rid of the horticulture science program. Horticulture is the science that deals with the cultivation of plants. But this year, members have restored the green house and are using it. 

There are about 13 types of plants being grown right now, such as: lettuce, kale, butter lettuce, cabbage, onions, rosemary, fern, carnality, peaches, plums, and cacti. The students grow their produce and sell them at local farmers markets. 

“Talk nicely to the plants,” said junior James Alvarado. In the greenhouse students go by this motto. 

With the green house up and running, students get to learn about plants and how to care for them. They also have an aquaponic system which is cultivating plants in water. 

[It] helps you understand how to plant,” junior Jorge Saucedo said.

Only sophomores and above are allowed to participate with the green house. There are about 32 students participating at the moment.