One of TAYSHAS time traveling, inter dimensional phenomenons.


Dominick Peralta, Staff Writer

Does love and friendship really matter when history is quite literally erasing itself? Ryan Graudin finds the best way to weave friendship and loss and love with heartache in her nail biting novel Invictus


Following on what it means to take risks and trusting those who can ruin everything. Invictus invites every reader on a trip through time to discover the real bonds of friendship, the heartache of loss, and pushing your understanding of trust in a way that hooks the reader through every chapter.


Following the story of Farway Gaius McCarthy, “Far,”  a man determined to find his mother who was lost in time. After someone sabotaged his final exam, his one chance to become a time traveler and find his mother, Far discovers there is more than one way to become a time traveler. With determination to find the truth and friends he can call his family, Far finds his only option is to steal artifacts and sell them on the Black Market.


With his team at his side, Far overcomes every obstacle he faces, from pirates in the caribbeans to the gangsters of the early twentieth century. But, everything changes with the titanic, landing 4 hours late to a ship that is nearing its end, the team has to rush to steal an artifact from the already sinking Titanic. With a slight mishap, all is going according to plan until a girl who does not belong on that ship steals their artifact and sneaks on to their time machine. 


Insisting that she is joining Far’s team, she blackmails them with the artifact they need, but can they trust her? How did this girl sneak onto their ship? What happened to the four hours that just disappeared, and is this Mystery girl connected to them all? Annoyed but worried, Far has no choice but to accept her offer. Follow Far and his crew as they try to unravel the mystery of the missing time, the origins of the mystery girl, and if his mother is at all connected.


Finishing this book leaves you full but craving more, Invitcus blends the adventure with history in such away it kept a history buff like me glued to my seat and flipping pages. As I read on I found myself falling in love with the plot, the effort put into character development. Reading this makes you feel like you are part of the Invictus crew, traveling through time stealing alongside them. I would recommend this book to any of those looking for their next adventure.