Seniors Walk the Field

This season’s last home football game and the senior walk.


PC: Abby Wilson

Seniors Link arms to walk the across the field

Kylee Hall, Staff Writer

“The feeling of standing under the lights on a friday night is like nothing else,” senior Diego Loya Morales said.  “I do not know how to explain it, the feeling of my jaw getting tight or my skin feeling anxious, it is something amazing.” 


The stadium, the lights, the sound of the whistle, and the cheers of the fans. This is Friday Night Lights. It is the countless hours of hard work the football players and coaches put in. It is the student section during drumline, and it is “lean on me four.” This season’s last home game was played on Friday, November 9. The Panthers took on a hard fight against the Kerrville Tivy Antlers, but sadly fell just short of a win. 


Before the Panthers took the field, parents and loved ones had the chance to walk them out. One of the last moments as a high school football player became one very heartfelt moment when the players got to walk out with some of their biggest fans. 


“I was thinking this really is my last home football game but I am glad the people who supported and provided for me walked me out,” senior Aaron Ledesma said.

(Senior Aaron Ledesma poses with Parents on parent night.PC: Abby Wilson)

Following the varsity football players being accompanied by their fans, the Panthers took the field. Fighting the best they could, the Panthers came up short losing 35-14. 


“The highlight was when senior Pablo Sandoval, perfectly placed an onside kick for our team to get the ball back at the start of the second half,” senior Jose Rodriguez said. 


After a hard fight senior football players and fans lined the west endzone of the football field to walk across together as a family. 


 “ It was my last time stepping on that field as a highschool football player, “ Morales said. 


After seniors walked the field hand in hand, reality set in.


“ It is the beginning of the end,” Ledesma said.


Panthers went to the first round of the playoffs but the road ended there. Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Raymond Crisp could not be disappointed in the way that the team performed. Crisp’s favorite part about was the multitude of personalities throughout the senior class. Crisp goes to show that coaches are not the only ones teaching, that the players taught them just as much, and they will carry that with them for seasons to come. 


“ This team has taught me a lot in general, having to deal with the strength of all the personalities and being able to get them to do what I need them to do,” Crisp said. 


The team learned things on that field that will stick with them for generations to come.


“ There is always going to be something tougher than yourself, whether its a workout, another player, football has taught me to overcome different adversities such as that, football has taught me to keep on striving for self improvement to defeat adversities,” senior Ezekiel Villafane said.