Disney +: Dreams Do Come True

See how students are loving the new Disney + app.


Disney +, released on Nov. 12 has created a big buzz and is one of the most successful services of all time.

Janelle De Jesus, Staff Writer

Disney + initially launched on November 12, and the craze over the new streaming service is surreal. Disney + is a new app (like Netflix) that allows you to watch shows and movies owned by the Walt Disney Company. It has a multitude of things to watch. Whether or not you are feeling a Disney Channel Original Movie, Pixar movie, Star Wars movie, or a plain Disney Classic, Disney + has got you covered. 


“I guess you could say I’m most excited about being able to watch movies I grew up with at the touch of my fingertips,” senior Jacob Baca said. “Movies like Toy Story, The Incredibles, and the Star Wars films.”


With this new platform of only Disney owned media, people began to wonder if it would grow to be more successful than Netflix. When Disney removed their movies and shows from Netflix, it created a buzz. Rumor spread that Disney would be releasing their own streaming service, and the rumors were true. Soon after this event, Netflix signed with Nickelodeon, but people were too mesmerized by Disney + to notice such things. 


“Most Disney + originals are based on media we already care about,” junior Justus Mendoza said. “Netflix focuses more on original concepts that are less known. So, if you ask me I’d say Disney + is the way to go.”


Many people believe that the service is a good investment, as Disney + only costs $6.99 a month versus other services like Netflix being $16 a month and Hulu being $11.99 a month. But every opinion has its opposite, there are people that believe you are not getting your money’s worth. But if you are spending the money, there must be something intriguing to you. 


“I genuinely believe Disney + is a good investment because of the amount of movies you get access to,” Baca said. “It’s amazing for the price point.”


Disney + allows generations new and old to come together. It has older Disney classics and newer movies, which allow people to watch movies from all cinema periods without buying each individual movie. You will most likely see dads and sons geeking over Star Wars new and old. You may also catch older siblings trying to explain to their younger siblings what a flip phone is while watching older shows like Boy Meets World


“Most movies on the app are no longer being taken out of the vault, meaning if you don’t already own it then chances are you’ll never get to watch it,” junior Madilyn Couls said. “So the app makes these movies available to everyone.”


With Disney + taking the media by storm many people are left wondering “is it really worth it?”. The answer? Yes. People love the fact that the old and new can come together to enjoy a sliver of their childhood again. So, what are you waiting for? Go enjoy an adventure with your favorite characters new and old.