The Gratitude Tree

Art club constructs a tree for Thanksgiving

Dominick Cooper, Staff Writer

Around this time every year, people around America sit down and think about what it is they are truly thankful for. This year, Medina Valley’s Art club decided to show the school what students are thankful for. So they chose to do a project. They call said project, “The Gratitude Tree.”
“Being Vice-President of the art club is tough. I have to supervise and help with every part of projects like this,” Junior Valentina Alcantar said.
The Gratitude Tree went up on Wednesday, November 13. The tree is made out of paper and string and is of course painted brown. However, that is not what makes the tree special. The leaves are where the true purpose of the project lies. On every paper leaf attached to the tree is something someone at school is thankful for.
“The point of the tree is to show in a visual representation of what students are thankful for,” Mrs. Sutton said.
Most of the leaves say things such as family and friends, but there are a couple that might catch your eye. There are leaves scattered around the tree that are a little goofy. These leaves say things such as, “Being single,” “Blue,” or even “I’m thankful for another day so that I can eat chicken nuggets!”
“The tree is a way to show what we are happy about,” Freshman Anna Adams said.
It is important that everyone remembers what it is they are thankful for. Not only during Thanksgiving, but throughout the year. It is important to remember what it is that makes us happy. This tree is one good way to remind everyone what they have to be grateful for.