Calling All Cyber Patriots

Team one of cyber patriots pulled through with an outstanding amount of points this competition.


Advisor Webb with three team members showing the cyberpatriots team how to work out a certain coding technique. PC: Sierra Christa

Janelle De Jesus, Staff Writer

Team one in our Cyber Patriots team left the competition on October 25, 2019 with 100 points in Windows 10, 88 points in Linux, and 83 points in Windows Server.

“Cyber Patriots is a program that helps intelligent kids learn how to use Linux and other computer softwares,” senior Connor Garces said.

Cyber Patriots is an intense club that is very fast-paced. The club takes patience, dedication, and determination; but if you do it correctly, you will be successful and it will help you in the long run.

“This extracurricular has helped me learn about computers and the various softwares. It taught me how to protect and encrypt things online,” junior Henry Niño said. “It also has opened up a multitude of scholarship opportunities for me”.

The people on team one in the club bond together very well. Team one consists of senior Connor Garces and juniors Leonardo Amaya, Henry Niño, and Adrian Mason. They are all very different but come together to form a successful team.

“We mess around a lot, but we join together to form greatness,” junior Adrian Mason said. “You can’t talk to other teams, so you grow a lot closer than you initially attend to. The inside jokes are a bonus as well”.

Not only did the team have a successful competition, but they had a special guest speaker come in. Congressman Will Hurd came in and gave the teams advice and a pep-talk.

“Having Will Hurd here was a nice experience,” junior Henry Nino said. “Having him here was good because we had someone outside of the classroom talking to us about cyber security.” 

There were a total of six teams competing at the competition, three on Friday and three on Saturday; this is why the competition could not be discussed until the following Monday. Many teams were successful, but team 1 came up with the most points in the end. We wish all Cyber Patriot teams best of luck at the next competition on November 15-16, 2019.