What’s Old is New

Old library books finding a new home


PC: PC: Marina Garcia

Senior Karlee Kindred stacks up on the newest free books at the library!

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

Mrs. Purdy, the new librarian and Mrs. Williams, the head librarian have found a great way to find new homes for old books. 

“ There’s books older than most students here,” said Librarian Mrs.Purdy. The library has too many books and it is overflowing. The shelves are overflowing with new books and older books, so the librarians had a great idea. Give the books away. 

The library cannot give away books as donations because they were bought with school funds. Mrs.Purdy could not bear to throw them away.

They started the free box about two months ago. Everyday there seems to be new books. 

What qualifies a book to be in the free box is that its either very old and no one has checked it out in years, or it is a little damaged but still salvageable. 

“It’s a good thing I’m always seeing kids take books,” said junior Connor Ansley. 

There are all different genres. There is something for everyone. They go through the shelves about every two weeks, so there are always new books about different subjects .

“I’ve been wanting to go,” said junior America Garcia. 

 Mrs. Purdy says she sees about 20 people in groups and individuals go in, throughout the day. The books are promoting themselves. All the readers at school are very happy about this.