Just for kids?

Many teens still dress up for Halloween

Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

Halloween dates back to almost 2000 years ago. Since then, many traditions have changed about Halloween but one thing has remained the same: dressing up in costumes. 

At first, people dressed up to ward off evil spirits that would come out the night of October 31.

About 70% of Americans celebrate Halloween, through activities like parties and dressing up. Everyone dresses up for Halloween. As we get older, our princess and astronaut costumes change with our growing age.

“[We] usually go for our interests,” senior Koree Valencia-Vasquez said .

Many teens seem to just dress up as their favorite movie/ TV show characters or nothing at all. As a kid, we don’t really have a lot of options other than just princesses and superheroes. But as a teen, there’s more varieties in customs choices.

“As a teen you just play around, [but] as a kid I took it seriously,”  senior Sara Guinn said. Many teens just want to have fun that day.

Even though as teens we still love the sweet treats we get, Halloween is more relaxed. We don’t necessarily stress out about if we have the latest costumes.Sometimes teens just wear a tee-shirt and jeans, and have fun no matter what.

“[There] is a lot more fun you can have,” senior Jacob Nichols said.

As we grow up, many adults think that we are too old to celebrate Halloween like kids.  But that is not it. As a teen it is actually more fun, because you can go to more places and do more things.

“[I] have a party every year,” sophomore Nicholas Rash said. Many teens do more than just trick or treat.

 Many teens have parties, or stay in watching movies. At most parties they stay up late, have fun watching scary movies, playing games, or having a costume contest.

Traditions have changed from the first Halloween since you were a kid. But one thing remains the same: we’re still kids at heart and we just want to have fun on Halloween.