Catch up with Debate before it speeds through another season.


The 2018 Debate team together after a very successful meet.

Aya Kasim, Staff Writer

And so it begins: Speech and Debate has bolted into its third year. With a  record amount of members and anticipated record wins, this year is bound to go by lightning fast.  However, as of now, it is the special moments that debaters would like to hold on to most.

“[The season] has been successful so far,” Coach Dustin Hurley said. “ We have advanced at every tournament and teams are on their way to qualifying for State.”

What began as just two students before the arrival of the current debate coach, has grown into a 43-student organization. The continuous growth of the program brings forth a harmonious merging of people as each event receives several participants and each participant, as noted by current debaters, receives a memorable experience. 

“We are a diverse group of people-from athletes to kids who sit alone at lunch,” senior Brianna Barclay said. “It’s a wide variety you normally wouldn’t interact with if not for debate.”

As more students join Speech and Debate, Medina Valley opens its arms in welcome to another coach, Tessa Gregory. Previously a debater and debate coach at Three Rivers High School, Gregory enters the MV culture, contributing a bit of her own excellence.

“I came from a school with a graduating class of 37 to one with [400]–it was a big jump,” Gregory said. “Everyone is very nice, interested [in debate] and willing to participate.”

Competitions have already begun for debaters. From as early as mid-September, students have been in the midst of research chaos, improvement frenzy, and–most notably–success. 

“We started off strong,” senior Jose Rodriguez said. “My partner and I, Bri [Barclay], are a third of the way to qualifying for TFA state.”

This year’s bringings of experience is not only for the gains of vetern debaters, but also for new members. Rushing to competitions, these novice debaters are ready to learn, excel, and dominate in their events.

“I joined speech and debate because I wanted to improve on talking in front of people and see people who have the same or opposite views,” freshman Paulo Reyes said. “A lot of people [in debate] are supportive; you are not just stuck in the dark thinking, ‘What do I do?’.”

The medals and trophies that survive the passing of time do not compare to the moments shared between debaters. From the endless laugh-till-you-cry moments documented in the Debate Quote Book, to the crazy dinners after competitions, and the blasting of  “Fergalicious” on the way home, it seems that the people are what make Speech and Debate special.

“It’s the comradery,” senior Elizabeth Gilmore said. “The people are very welcoming, nice to each other, and respectful.”

This year may be considered a farewell year to those who have helped build this program into what it is today. These seniors know it has come a long way, but also acknowledge that the program still has room to grow. The goals Speech and Debate hold dear include becoming District and State Champions, expanding the program, and strengthening the debate family. Good luck, debaters, on all your endeavors. #HereToBeHeard