College can be for anyone, despite your budget


Kaitlyn Davis

As the year begins, college applications become relevant to both juniors and seniors. Our school already offers dual credit courses and various resources to prepare for the next chapter. However, dual credit is not the only measure you can take to ensure that college is cost effective. 

There are various types of scholarships you can be granted. If a student is in sports, they could get in contact with coaches from colleges they are  interested in and ask for them to watch their performance of whatever sport they do. Big scholarships are given out to athletes who will play on their school’s sports team.  

Most scholarships require an essay given with an assigned prompt. Others do not require anything, it is just a simple drawing. Some scholarships are given based off you background or race. Certain scholarships are given to students suffering from medical disadvantages. Others require creative videos, paintings, and photos. It is very encouraged to just do research, there is a scholarship for anyone out there.

Scholarships are very accessible. Students can apply on the school computers in the library. Websites, such as Fastweb, are reliable sources to discover various different scholarships on different sites.The teachers here would know what is available, so ask around. Juniors can attend Mrs. White’s college application lock in over the summer. Not only does she offer help with your application, but scholarship drawings are available.  

Many students such as Ernest Haby have already won scholarships. Ernest won his “distinguished presidential scholarship” for UTSA. 

He stated, “It is a dream come true. I only applied to one school for far and already have a scholarship for it.”