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Newest IT Movie


Marina Garcia, Staff Writer

IT Chapter 2 is the newest scary movie thriller. The newest It movie came out on September 6,with the same plot as the last IT movie to defeat Pennywise the clown. This movie takes place 27 years into the future with Beverly, Richie, Bill, Eddie,Ben, Mike and Stanley grown up. 

The longer you are gone from Derry (the town), the more you forget about it. Because most of the gang left, when they got the call to come back they did not know why they had that sick feeling in their stomach. 

When in Derry, they have a great reunion, not knowing what they will have to later face.

When they find out why they came, they quickly want to leave. Remembering the past is a scary thing, but they must if they want to destroy “IT”.

  In order  to destroy Pennywise, the evil clown terrorizing the small town, they must destroy their deepest fears. With love blooming and loss of loved ones, the bond between the loser club is stronger than ever. To defeat the clown they must find important parts of their past life to destroy Pennywise.

Unlike the first movie It 2 has a lighter tone, then the movies in the past.

“[It] was humorous in my opinion’’, sophomore Katelynn Carrillo said. Many parts of the movie were quite humorous, but also in an inappropriate way considering that it is an R rated movie.

“ [It was] pretty good; yeah I would recommend it,” sophomore Adrian Mason said. With the psychedelic twists in the movie, it is sure to give you the adrenaline you crave and will make you come back for more.