Racing Into Top Charts

Life-long Mario Kart and Nintendo fans are going crazy over new mobile game.


Mario Kart Tour drives its way into top charts. Picture Creds: Metro News

Janelle De Jesus, Staff Writer

On September 25, 2019, Mario Kart Tour hit app stores everywhere. The game has been number one on the charts, and it does not seem to be moving any time soon. 

“I’ve been playing Nintendo since I was about eight years old, so the fact that there’s a new game when I’m a senior is a crazy concept,” senior Kendra Smith said.

People all over the world have been playing Mario Kart. The game’s initial release had 20 characters and over 30 race tracks. Most original characters made it to the first release, and students were ecstatic about it.

“I play as Mario; he’s the best character no doubt,” sophomore Austin Rangel said.  

“What makes the game so lovable is the attention to detail and new aspects that make it better than previous versions.” junior Henry Niño said.

Mario Kart Tour has broken the charts and continues to make new players smile every day. So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your controller and sign on.