Next Big Star?

Mxmtoon and her musical journey



Mxmtoon (Maia) shown

Kaitlyn Davis, Staff Writer


 Mxmtoon, also known by her real name “Maia”, is a 19-year-old Tik Tok sensation who has recently gained popularity for her debut album. Her song “Prom Dress” became impressively popular on the app Tik Tok. People were using the song’s audio for their videos from all around the world. 

Mxmtoon started out by posting her songs on Soundcloud, with a modest following of around 200 people. Maia posted exclusively comedic songs until her track “Feelings are Fatal”. The song showed a more vulnerable side to her,and began to attract a bigger audience.

“At the time I was like, ‘Whatever—I have 200 followers, I’m just gonna post it,’” Mxmtoon expressed when talking about the release of “Feelings are Fatal”.

She typically writes her songs candidly, writing in a way to deal with her emotions and the world around her.

 “Writing songs was a way to express all the things I couldn’t talk about in face-to-

face interactions, and share them with a community of people who maybe also needed to put up a façade to get through the day.”

Her songs appeal to younger audiences because they can relate to her. She writes about situations such as prom, having a crush, and seasonal depression. She uses her lyrics as a form of processing emotions, and people listen because they understand these same emotions that she is feeling. Her audience feels like they connect with her, and she feels as if she is sharing a part of herself through songs.

“I hope people come away from it feeling like the songs belong to them too—like now there’s a piece of art in the world that speaks to their own experiences, even if they’d always felt like they were alone.”