Running Towards Success


PC: Natalie Hickman

Junior Macy Livingston runs towards a first place finish at the cross country meet in Bandera, Texas.

Olivia Garza and Coaching Staff

On Saturday September 14th the Mighty Panthers welcomed a cool morning as they toed the line in Bandera. The Varsity Girls placed 2nd, Varsity and JV Boys 4th and the JV Girls 3rd. The top 5 MV finishers were as follows:

Varsity Girls: (Out of 30 Runners)

Macy Livingston 1st

Clara Arroyos 2nd

Kayleigh Corliss 6th

Jazmin Pulido 9th

Audra Clark 10th

Varsity Boys: (Out of 124 Runners)

Carlos Dominguez 23rd

Joseph Bazan 25th

Jackson Lowell 26th

Cade Mangan 27th

Mathew Gonzalez 28th

JV Boys: (Out of 85 Runners )

Ty Mangan 11th

Angelo Remmers 12th

Travis Schindler 18th

Pablo Padilla 20th

Jesus Clopton 24th

JV Girls 5K Running with Varsity Girls: (Out of 30 Runners)

Sarah Adams 12th

Angelina Pulido 13th

Hannah Huron 14th

Katelyn Battros 15th

Jasmin Salazar 16th

JV Girls 2 Mile: (Out of 85 Runners)

Alyssa Sanchez 11th

Alyssa Lopez 22nd


Overall the Bandera meet was a success for the Panthers. “I was happy because I did really well and it was my last time running at Bandera” senior Angelina Pulido said. “ I’m excited to make this season one to remember.” Next, cross country will run in Corpus Christi on Saturday, September 21.