Three Panther Favorites

Finding great meals for great people


Juniors Kennedy Kroum and Emyrson Purdy enjoy a meal at Bush’s before the Lockhart home game

Madison Rosati, Staff writer

 Around Castroville you can find many places to stop for a bite to eat, but here are the top three Panther favorites: Sonic Drive-In, Bush’s Chicken, and Bill Miller Bar-B-Q. For many it is tradition to grab a bite before or after each high school home game, especially here in town where local students can interact with each other and enjoy their evenings together. On Fridays, when the high school celebrates for the football team, students can be found dining at these three places. Not only is football season here, but so are rumbling stomachs!


Sonic Drive-In

First up, and what seems to be the most popular hot spot for our Panthers, is Sonic Drive-in. Sonic is the go-to place to stop at for any occasion, especially on the days of home games. It is a great place to park your car and just chillax with your friends as you all enjoy a nice refreshing slushie.


Senior Nicole Luna ordering a slush before the game.

“Majority of us go to Sonic but we branch out in groups,”  senior and varsity player Charlie Marsh said. “We can park our cars and hang out together.”.  


You can find that the majority of students stop by after the game, especially on the nights our Panthers bring home a win. 


Bush’s Chicken

Up next we have Bush’s Chicken which is well known for their fried chicken meals. Bush’s is one crazy hot spot for Panthers before football games, so much so that the staff must prepare themselves ahead of time to be ready for the crowd of hungry students. Bush’s is a great spot for students to socialize and bond over conversation. Bush’s focuses on fried chicken meals and has a variety of options, their most commonly ordered meal being their four piece chicken strip meal which comes with fries, a roll,and a large tea.

Juniors Kennedy Kroum and Emyrson Purdy enjoy
a meal at Bush’s before the Lockhart home game

“Everyone’s hungry after school; we expect to sell a lot so we start prepping the day before,” Bush’s employee Brady Madrid said. 


Bill Miller’s Bar-B-Q


Lastly we have Bill Millers Bar-B-Q which surprisingly, just like Bush’s in Castroville, is known for their chicken meals. This includes their number four, three piece chicken tender meal deal, and their number nine, Crispy Chicken Sandwich meal. Bill Miller’s is a family-friendly environment that welcomes students and families to enjoy freshly made meals together. 


“ [The] Coconut pie is good, and Big Red,” Ethan Rodriguez said. “ [So is] cream Corn,but only when I make it.”  Rodriguez often eats these favorites of his before football games.


Communion, is important especially when sharing it with those you love and care for. Sharing these moments are important so make sure to try to stop by these Panther favorites before the season ends.